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I’m so excited to be sharing my fun times in the kitchen on this blog! I plan to share my shopping and cooking adventures, recipes, food porn, cookbook reviews and general tips for preparing yourself (and your friends) a delightful plate full of indehiscent proposals. Read the rest of this entry »


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Pumpkin Pie Bread   Leave a comment


This delicious pumpkin pie-bread hybrid was easy to make because the pumpkin filling was made during Thanksgiving and frozen until this weekend. I based this bread off of the pumpkin bread recipe in The Happy Herbivore by substituting homemade pie filling for the sweetener, spices and pumpkin, and using more than the recipe called for which resulted in super moist pumpkin bread with a layer of pie filling just above the crust. I baked the bread in a glass bread pan for 1 hour and fifteen minutes, checking at the fifty-five, and one-hour-five-minute checkpoints. I also used the mystery flour in my pantry which was bought a few months ago but never labeled, so this exact bread might never be created again.


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