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You Can’t Win ‘Em All   Leave a comment

Today, I tried too many new things at once and I learned something. Trying too many new things at once is a bad idea.

I made the amaranth that was in my pantry in a rice cooker. I’ve never had it before. I made it with vegetable broth and it was… okay? I think I need to make some with just plain water so I can understand the taste at it’s most basic. I’ve heard (probably on Reddit, so maybe it’s not true) that you need to try a new food fifteen times before it’s bearable or likable or something. So, maybe I just need to have it a few more times. It was kind of the consistency of porridge and was hoping for something more like quinoa or brown rice.

Then my rice cooker broke.

I also tried my hand at a new peanut sauce. My own recipe. I forgot to add the vinegar and by that time I’d tried to make all these fixes, and…. argh.

It was my first day of school today, so I was pretty exhausted. I really wanted to end my day with something awesome and delicious and what I got was just okay. But, I can’t make every dish a home run or it probably wouldn’t be fun anymore. And I shouldn’t feel bad. Sometimes you try something new and you get burned. You just have to keep trying. Now I’m determined to perfect this elusive peanut sauce, so I can share it with everyone.

Patience is a virtue when trying new recipes, or just cooking for yourself in general.


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